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We Really Love Island

Jul 18, 2019

Warning: This episode contains deep thoughts and SICK banter.

In this VERY EXCITING How Cum/ We Really Love Island crossover event, Remy, Lili and Remy's HC producer/sister Charlotte interview Season 1 Love Island UK contestant, Chris Williamson!

Chris calls in via Skype to talk love, sex and secrets behind the making...

Jul 18, 2019

Dogs, Babies, and Parents have arrived and Remy is alone to talk you all through it. That's right, just like Katie is a single mom without Sophie, Remy is a single podcaster while Lili works her 9-5. BUT we will be back together for the next episode, an awesome crossover with How Cum Podcast and interview with...

Jul 6, 2019

We are doing a few episodes at a time now because we're dying to finish this season. What do you think of the new format? Let us know @wereallyloveisland ! 


The content doesn’t stop here…follow us @wereallyloveisland for memes, clips & other save-worthy shit.

And follow each of us individually too--you’ll...

Jun 7, 2019

ONCE AGAIN Lili and Remy are returning from a massive gap and have felt like we’re coming to a screeching halt again because of life and Tom’s existence. Lili’s back is out, Remy has carpal tunnel, and we spend a lot of time discussing Photoshopping and Face-tuning. We talk masturbating and how even the...

Jun 7, 2019

Emma misses her cat and Remy relates hard, and then we miss Lili’s dog. We wonder: is Tom hitting on Emma? A weird but interesting challenge plops two new boys in the house and the O.G. islander guys discuss how women aren’t funny.

There’s a 24 hour flirt challenge and were not so keen. We waste more breath on Tom...